The website is not a Web page that will offer its visitors useful features or quality content. The end goal of the site operators is to hijack the Web browser notifications of their visitors.

Users who attempt to view the content that the page may claim to host, will be greeted by a prompt, which requires them to click ‘Allow.’ The visitors will be led to believe that if they click on the ‘Allow’ button, they will be able to watch the video that is meant to be hosted on the fraudulent site. However, there is no video to watch and following the instructions provided by the page will allow the site to send you notifications using your Web browser. If you grant the site this permission, it will make sure to flood you with unwanted advertisements every time you use your computer. The advertisements promoted by the site will likely push untrustworthy products and services. This is why malware researchers advise users against interacting with them.

If you see advertisements spawned by the site whenever you browse the Web, play video games, watch movies, or work, you should consider revoking the permissions granted to this dodgy page. You can revoke all permissions granted to the website using the settings of your Web browser.


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