is an online tactic that tricks users into subscribing to browser notifications and then sends spam pop-up messages straight to the subscribers' computers or mobile phones. is an empty website that uses a social engineering tactic to get users' permission to send them advertising messages. shows a loading bar that pretends to be loading some content, while at the same time, users also see the following misleading message:

' wants to Show notifications

To continue click the Allow button'

Notifications from this website typically promote other unsafe websites, so users should not agree to receive them. Moreover, pop-ups may contain corrupted scripts that infect computers with malware or include links that redirect users to potentially unsafe pages.

In most cases, people do not visit intentionally. Instead, they are being redirected to this website by adware installed on their computer. Adware threats should be removed immediately after detection, as they have other destructive features, like collecting the user data. If your browser's homepage and search engine have been replaced with some unknown URL, you will most likely have a browser hijacker infection and should download an anti-malware program to clean your device.


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