By ESGI Advisor in Browser Hijackers

The URL is linked to an intrusive adware infection that uses browser hijacking techniques to take over victims' Web browsers in order to promote questionable products and unsafe content. Malware researchers consider that and content associated with presents a threat to your computer. Because of this, symptoms linked to should be treated immediately with a reliable security application.

Advertisements associated with may hijack the affected Web browser, changing the victim's home page and search engine. Content associated with may harass computer users displaying numerous advertisements and suspicious error messages in an attempt to trick inexperienced computer users into wasting their money on unsafe products. is also linked to suspicious online surveys, quizzes and polls that are often used to compromise the computer users' privacy. and Problems Associated with this URL

PUPs linked to may take the form of Web browser extensions that may affect most common Windows-based Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These extensions are often difficult to remove and are programmed to be executed automatically as soon as the affected Web browser starts up. Apart from displaying pop-up advertisements and browser windows, may also be associated with irritating error messages from the Web browser itself. A typical example of these kinds of error messages can read:

News Weekly
Easy new way to make money online. Rs420,000/month Part-time.'

These types of advertisements may be quite aggressive. For example, if the computer user tries to close the Web browser Window or tab, another error message is displayed:

'Warning – Offers expires tomorrow! This is your last chance to sign up! There is a small activation free backed up by 1 365 day money back guarantee. So what do you have to lose?'

Of course, these types of interruptions may quickly become extremely irritating and disruptive. Do not let marketers and criminals profit at your expense. Instead, protect your computer from content associated with with the help of a strong anti-malware application.


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