Tiond.pro is a dodgy Web page that will not provide you with any exciting content or useful information. Unfortunately, the goal of the Tiond.pro page is not to offer users meaningful content but hijack their Web browser notifications.

There are countless websites similar to the Tiond.pro page online. These are empty websites that try to trick their visitors into permitting them to display Web browser notifications. This is a low-end online tactic known as ‘Please Click Allow to Continue.’ If you try to launch the Tiond.pro site, you will be required to complete a ‘robot check’ to be granted access to its content. The Tiond.pro site uses a fake CAPTCHA test to try and mislead users into clicking the ‘Allow’ button on their screens. Those who fall for it would enable the dodgy website to send them notifications via their Web browser. The Tiond.pro site would utilize this permission to flood its users with advertisements that are likely to push shady services and low-quality products.

If you have permitted the Tiond.pro site to send you Web browser notifications, we would advise you to revoke the permissions sooner rather than later. This can be executed via the settings of your Web browser easily.


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