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The Policia Federal Virus (Ransomware)

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

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The Policia Federal Virus is ransomware that is used to attack computer users with an IP address located in Mexico. Since 2009, ransomware scams have spread throughout the world, originating in Eastern Europe, from there spreading to the remaining of Western Europe, and then – since 2012 – infecting computers located in North America. Initial ransomware infections in North America were centered on the United States, with sporadic cases attacking different Canadian regions. The Policia Federal Virus is one of the first ransomware variants observed to attack computers located in Mexico. Apart from this, the Policia Federal Virus is virtually identical to the many other police ransomware that have targeted computer users worldwide in recent years.

The Policia Federal Virus displays a message (written in very poor Spanish) indicating that the victim's computer was involved in several illegal activities. After detailing the many punishments for these kinds of infractions (such as years of jail time and huge fines), the Policia Federal Virus claims that the victim can avoid prosecution by paying a fine of 1000 pesos, roughly equivalent to 80 USD. To further scare inexperienced computer users, the Policia Federal Virus accesses the infected computer's webcam and takes a picture. Although the Policia Federal Virus claims that the picture will be sent to the police, this is simply not true, and only one of the Policia Federal Virus' tricks to attempt to steal your money.

The Policia Federal Virus' Winlocker Component

If the Policia Federal Virus stopped with a threatening message, the Policia Federal Virus would be easy to ignore and remove. In fact, the very earliest versions of this scam seldom did more than display a message with threatening language. However, police ransomware Trojans tend to include a Winlocker component. A Winlocker prevents the victim from accessing the infected computer by preventing the victim from bypassing the Policia Federal Virus message. This Winlocker also prevents the victim from accessing the Windows Registry, Task Manager and other tools that would normally aid with the removal of these kinds of intrusive messages. Because of this Winlocker component, any removal method should primarily focus on allowing the affected computer user to bypass the Policia Federal Virus message to gain access to PC security software installed on the infected computer or on an external drive.Screenshot


The following messages associated with The Policia Federal Virus (Ransomware) were found:

Su ordenador se ha bloqueado!
El funcionamiento de su ordenador fue interrumpido a causa de indices de ciberactividad desautorizada.
Los delitos posibles cometidos por Lid se indican abajo.
Cláusula 274— Derechos de autor Multa o privación de libertad de hasta 4 anos. (utilización o distribuición de los ficheros protegidos con derechos de autor — peliculas, software)
Cláusula 183 — Productos pornográficos Multa o o privación de libertad de hasta 2 anos. (Utilización o distribuición de los ficheros pornográficos)


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