is not a website that hosts any unsafe content, but it is, nonetheless, a shady page as it is not what it claims to be. poses as a streaming page, which will allow you to watch movies for free. This website will present the user with a bogus media player which urges the person to set up a free account on if they want to view its content. Furthermore, the will ask for permission to send notifications to the user via their browser.

Spams Advertisements via Email and Browser Notifications

To create an account, the requires the user to provide them with a valid email address. If the user falls for this and gives out their email address, the will add it to its list of email addresses to spam with unwanted advertisements and promotions. Not only providing your email address will grant you unwanted spam, but it will also not give you access to the supposed content hosted by the If you allow the to send you browser notifications, the page will begin bombarding you with marketing content for dubious services and low-quality products. Needless to say, do not click on these advertisements as you may even end up being tricked.

If you have stumbled upon the, it is likely that you were looking to view pirated media for free such as films and videos. We would recommend you to avoid this practice as pirated content can lead to a lot of trouble as cyber crooks often use it to propagate all kinds of malware.

Despite the not displaying any inherently unsafe activity, it is likely to reduce the browsing quality of the user greatly. If you want to stop the from spamming you with notifications, go into your browser’s settings and make sure to revoke all the permissions given to this shady page. Also, make sure you also scan your system with a legitimate anti-virus tool to make sure that you do not have any adware present on your PC.


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