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By GoldSparrow in Adware

THEEBlockeeR is a Potentially Unwanted Program. THEEBlockeeR may be classified as an adware application because its main goal is to display advertisements of various kinds on affected Web browsers. THEEBlockeeR may cause pop-up windows, open new tabs on the affected Web browser, underline certain words to make them display pop-up advertisements, and insert certain types of advertising material, such as banners or sliding advertisements on affected Web browsers.

What is the Purpose of THEEBlockeeR

Although THEEBlockeeR claims that THEEBlockeeR offers special offers, discounts and coupons, THEEBlockeeR does not deliver on this service. In fact, the main purpose of THEEBlockeeR is to profit at your expense. Most of its 'special' offers are rarely in your advantage and are barely disguised attempts to convince you to click on advertisements and suspicious online material.

As soon as THEEBlockeeR is installed, THEEBlockeeR may begin to provoke complications on the affected Web browser that may be:

  1. THEEBlockeeR may cause your Web browser to display irritating, intrusive advertisements constantly, making it difficult to use the affected Web browser effectively.
  2. THEEBlockeeR may insert advertising banners and other unwelcome advertisements into Websites visited by the PC user.
  3. THEEBlockeeR may turn certain words in the text of pages you visit into links leading to sponsored material.
  4. THEEBlockeeR may cause your Web browser to display fake pop-up alerts indicating that you need to download Web browser or application updates. In fact, these supposed 'updates' may be additional PUPs or even unsafe components such as keyloggers or BitCoin miners.

Preventing the Installation of THEEBlockeeR

THEEBlockeeR is usually installed automatically. THEEBlockeeR may be bundled with low quality free software. You may opt out of installing THEEBlockeeR. However, rushed installation or failure to notice the option to opt out has led to many computer users allowing THEEBlockeeR to remain on their computers. Because of this, PC security analysts advise taking extra care when installing any new software, always using the custom installation to confirm that the components that you are installing are only the ones that you need.


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