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TenchisTV Toolbar Description

The TenchisTV Toolbar is a Potentially Unwanted Program that is associated with various online tactics and problems regarding excessive advertisements and Web browser performance. The TenchisTV Toolbar is one of the many PUPs that are designed to coerce PC users to access the Conduit search engine, a low class search engine that is used deliver advertisements to computer users and promote certain questionable online content. If the TenchisTV Toolbar is installed on a computer it is recommended to disable the TenchisTV Toolbar and avoid agreeing to install this low quality Web browser toolbar during the installation of other software.

How the TenchisTV Toolbar can be Installed on a Computer

Most PUPs like the TenchisTV Toolbar are installed by bundling them with free software from questionable sources. These programs may be included in the installation of another program without making it clear to computer users what exactly the TenchisTV Toolbar does on a Web browser. The option to opt out of the TenchisTV Toolbar may be present. However, computer users may overlook it because it is deliberately hard to find or because they skip through the installation process carelessly. To prevent the installation of PUPs like the TenchisTV Toolbar, PC security researchers advise computer users to use Custom Installation to monitor the installation of only the components that they want.

The TenchisTV Toolbar – A Toolbar that doesn't Present a Valid Motive to be on Your PC

There are several problems associated with TenchisTV Toolbar. The following are general issues that PC security analysts have observed in relation to the TenchisTV Toolbar:

  • The TenchisTV Toolbar may create Web browser redirects to websites such as the Conduit search engine.
  • The TenchisTV Toolbar may make changes to the affected Web browser's settings. For example, the TenchisTV Toolbar may make modifications on the affected Web browser's homepage and default search engine to Conduit automatically.
  • The TenchisTV Toolbar may cause browser performance problems, such as causing the affected Web browser to crash, slow down or freeze.
  • The TenchisTV Toolbar exhibits advertisements on the Web browser that include pop-up advertisements and new browser windows or tabs containing marketing material or sponsored content.

Technical Information

More Details on TenchisTV Toolbar

The following URL's were found:
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  • TenchisTV.OurToolbar.com

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