By ZulaZuza in Browser Hijackers

Tattoodle Image

Tattoodle is a an adware program/browser hijacker, which modifies system settings on the infected computer. Many computer users are duped into installing Tattoodle on their PCs because they are persuaded that it comes from Facebook. However, Tattoodle appears to be far away from what it may seem to be from the first glance and belongs to the company of 'Make the Web Better'. Once installed on the targeted computer, Tattoodle substitutes the default homepage and search engine to Tattoodle may also set as a new tab when the PC user opens the Internet browser. is a misleading search engine, which traces the attacked computer user's search sessions and delivers altered search results. If the PC user clicks on such results, he/she may be rerouted to dubious or infected websites that push other insecure applications and carry malware infections. Tattoodle can be installed manually from the websites that are incorporated to its delivery. Tattoodle may also come packaged with freeware and shareware applications.


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