TapuFind is a Web browser extension that is promoted as a way of helping computer users carry out online searches from their Web browser directly. TapuFind is promoted via the Google Chrome Web store and has its own website where it can be downloaded and installed. Web browser extensions like TapuFind are quite common and are a way in which the fraudsters can take advantage of computer users. Programs like TapuFind, while not threatening, are not beneficial entirely. For example, TapuFind will make numerous, unwanted changes to the affected computer and Web browser, such as changing the affected Web browser's default homepage and the new page that is loaded by default when the Web browser starts up. Because of this, TapuFind is commonly referred to as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and has been referred to as a Web browser hijacker because it can take over the affected computer's Web browser and cause unwanted changes, being quite difficult to remove. This is because TapuFind's creators make it difficult or confusing to uninstall TapuFind intentionally, and also will design its installation process so that the computer user is never quite clear about what exactly TapuFind will do and whether it is being installed or not.

A Brief Explanation of the TapuFind Infection

One aspect of TapuFind that has caught the attention of PC security researchers is that many TapuFind attacks are targeting computers using the Mac OS rather than Windows. This makes TapuFind capable of carrying out hoaxes across platforms. TapuFind will deliver tracking cookies to the affected computer, allowing a third-party to track data about the information that the computer users views on the affected Web browser, which can then be used for marketing or advertising purposes. TapuFind can read other cookies dropped by third parties and keep track of the affected Web browser settings, such as listing applications, themes, and other extensions installed on the affected Web browser. The TapuFind search function itself is little more than a version of the Yahoo search engine that has been customized by TapuFind's creators to deliver ad-supported content that generates revenue for the TapuFind's creators. TapuFind was created by a marketing company known as Linkury that has created a version of TapuFind designed for Safary specifically and has a valid security certificate. Linkury has already been known for aggressive marketing and computer user tracking that has been linked to PUPs and other questionable software like TapuFind.

Removing TapuFind from an Affected Web Browser

Computer users have reported that removing TapuFind can be quite difficult because its creators have made the process difficult or confusing. Computer users have reported that when TapuFind is removed, it will simply be installed again when Safari restarts. It seems that computer users have to download a dedicated tool to uninstall this program. Because of TapuFind's questionable practices, PC security researchers strongly advise computer users also use a reliable security program that is fully updated to ensure that no potentially unsafe content has been installed on a computer as a result of the TapuFind tactic.

Dealing with and Preventing TapuFind From Being Installed on Your Computer

Many computer users may install the TapuFind Web browser extension on their computers without being aware that they have done so. This is because the computer users may install TapuFind unwittingly when they install another program and agree to a default installation setting that includes TapuFind and other bundled software. Because of this, one of the main ways of preventing TapuFind from being installed is to pay attention whenever any software is installed. Apart from removing TapuFind with a dedicated program, it will be necessary to undo some changes that TapuFind makes to the affected Web browser settings manually, such as reverting the default homepage and new tab website.

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