Threat Database Browser Hijackers

While browsing the Internet, you can be presented with unexpected pop-up advertisements from a website named, no matter which is your favored Web browser, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge. was configured to impose its advertisements on any Web browser used by the computer users it manages to infect. displays these advertisements in an attempt to make the computer users click on them so that its controllers can make money.

However, needs the computer user authorization to start displaying the advertisements, and this is why the computer users affected by it will receive an 'allow notifications; that, if clicked, will release a flood of unwanted and useless advertisements that may end up preventing the computer user from having a normal and fruitful browsing experience.

Any 'allow notifications' displayed by an unknown source should be ignored since it can lead to unsafe and even highly harmful places. If your device is displaying it, the shortest way to get rid of it and be back to your normal activities it to run a good malware scanner, which can identify and remove adware, PUPs, browser hijacker and any other application that can cause harm to your device.


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