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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Potentially Unwanted Programs

The domain is used by adware developers to promote suspicious technical support on 1-855-413-5002. Users infected with adware may experience pop-up windows by and redirects to the domain. The message on may use graphical elements of security alerts by Microsoft and suggest that your PC has a 'Major Security Glitch'. However, you should not trust the domain and keep in mind that it is associated with adware. Moreover, the technical support on is bogus, and the 1-855-413-5002 phone number is related to several financial scams and extortion schemes. Security experts warn users not to follow instructions on and not to call 1-855-413-5002. You may wish to know that the adware associated with may have arrived on your system as a browser plugin part of a freeware setup file. The adware can change your homepage and add a registry key in Windows to boot-up with Windows and perform its operations. Additionally, the IP address of is linked another security scam that adware developers execute via '' Pop-Ups. Users may want to consider installing a reliable anti-malware solution and purge the adware from their PC.


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