System Protector Fake Pop-Up

System Protector Fake Pop-Up Description

The 'System Protector' fake pop up is a misleading security alert that is closely associated with the rogue security program System Protector. Usually, the 'System Protector' fake pop up will appear as a notification from the Task Bar and will contain some variant of the following text:

"System Protector
Your system security status is LOW! Please change your security settings."
"System Protector – Threats detected. WARNING! 9 vulnerabilities found!!! Dangerous malware and viruses have been found during last scan. It is strongly recommended to remove all found threats from your computer."

Clicking on the 'System Protector' fake pop up will start the download and installation of System Protector. Once the installation process ends, the computer system reboots automatically. Due to the fact that System Protector makes changes to the Windows Registry, once Windows restarts, this fake security application will start up automatically, significantly affecting your computer system in an attempt to steal your money. Because of this, ESG security researchers strongly advise ignoring the 'System Protector' fake pop up. This misleading security notification is often associated with a Trojan infection or with malicious websites. Because of this, our team of PC security researchers advises scanning your computer system with a reliable anti-malware application in order to pinpoint and remove the cause of the 'System Protector' fake pop up.

The 'System Protector' Fake Pop Up Installs the System Protector Rogue Anti-Virus Program

Clicking on the 'System Protector' fake pop up will result in an infection with System Protector. This fake anti-virus closely mimics a real security application. However, it has no real anti-virus capabilities. Its main goal is to scare the computer user with a variety of error messages or pop-up notifications similar to the 'System Protector' fake pop up in order to convince them to pay for a useless "upgrade" for System Protector.

As soon as its installation process is accomplished, System Protector starts up automatically and starts a fake scan of the victim's computer system. Regardless of the state of the victim's hard drive, the scan's results will always be alarming, indicating the presence of numerous malware infections. However, System Protector will claim that these infections cannot be removed unless the victim pays for a "full version" of System Protector. Apart from its bogus scan and fake error messages, System Protector also causes browser redirects and prevents the victim from accessing legitimate security software installed on the infected computer system. Because ESG security researchers consider that System Protector constitutes a threat to your computer system, the presence of the 'System Protector' fake pop up should be taken seriously and dealt with immediately.

Technical Information

File System Details

System Protector Fake Pop-Up creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 %UserProfile%\Desktop\System Protector.lnk N/A
2 %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\System Protector\System Protector.lnk N/A
3 %UserProfile%\Application Data\SpyProtectorSC_Config.ini N/A
4 %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\System Protector\Support Page.url N/A
5 %UserProfile%\Application Data\SpyProtectorSC_Base_new.dat N/A
6 %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\System Protector\Purchase License.url N/A
7 C:\WINDOWS\system32\spyprotector.cpl N/A