System Clean Pro

The System Clean Pro is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) made to fool users and claim that it can optimize the system performance of a machine by fixing errors and removing malware. When the System Clean Pro is tested, however, most of the issues it identifies are not the causes of performance drops. Inactive software, startup items, and unused Registry entries are all detected by the tool, but what it also does is show repetitive pop-ups and warnings.

These warning messages repeat the same findings that offer only one way out to clean the alleged issues, which is to activate the software online. The Windows Registry is a database used by the operating system and applications to store settings files. It contains hundreds of thousands of entries on every individual machine in the world. Some of those may be outdated, such as cases where programs were uninstalled; yet they left some entries behind, or maybe there is a file extension with no associated program for it.

The System Clean Pro scans your Registry for these outdated entries and offers to help in removing them. Because there are so many of these, the program sometimes also may remove useful Registry entries, causing problems. The best case scenario is that the System Clean Pro will remove some of those entries, reducing the size of the Registry and having no noticeable difference in performance on modern day systems. In some cases, the System Clean Pro may be paired with bundle installations that may have unwanted software or even malware as part of the bundle so that the users are advised to take great care when downloading installation files.

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