Threat Database Adware 'The system is badly damaged, virus found (4)!' Pop-Ups

'The system is badly damaged, virus found (4)!' Pop-Ups

Online tactics have been around ever since the Internet became accessible to most households, and it appears that this fraudulent business is still profitable since security researchers continue to encounter new tactics that fraudsters use to get money from their victims. One of the recent examples is the 'The system is badly damaged, virus found (4)!' pop-ups, a series of Web browser messages that supply users with fake security information on purpose. The pop-ups state that the computer has been attacked by hackers or malware, and the user's payment details and personal information may be leaked to evil-minded individuals. Thankfully, these statements are fake, and they should not be trusted for a single second – Web browser pop-ups, notifications, and alerts are never a trustworthy source of info regarding the state of your system.

Bogus Pop-Ups Push the QBIT Clean Pro, a Potentially Unwanted Application

In many cases, such messages are used to promote bogus technical support services, but the crooks behind the 'The system is badly damaged, virus found (4)!' pop-ups have opted for a different strategy – they offer users to download a piece of software that will solve all of their system problems reportedly. The application in question is called 'QBIT Clean Pro,' and it is important to note that it is categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by popular anti-virus products. This software is not harmful, but its installation may have unforeseen side effects that might end up being annoying.

The 'The system is badly damaged, virus found (4)!' pop-ups may appear in your Web browser if you browse low-quality websites associated with the distribution of adult media, pirated TV series and movies, game cracks or other shady files. It is advisable do not visit sites associated with shady content since they are likely to promote questionable pop-ups and websites that cannot be trusted.

Seeing the 'The system is badly damaged, virus found (4)!' pop-ups can be stressful, but we assure you that there is nothing true about this message's contents. It is recommended to close the pop-ups immediately and avoid the website that spawned the message.


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