By JubileeX in Browser Hijackers

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 3,826
Threat Level: 50 % (Medium)
Infected Computers: 55,345
First Seen: January 10, 2014
Last Seen: September 20, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Sweet-page.com Image

Sweet-page.com is closely related to a Potentially Unwanted Program that may cause numerous problems on affected computers. Content associated with Sweet-page.com may take over the affected Web browser and cause unwanted behaviors designed to promote certain questionable websites which include Sweet-page.com and to profit from advertising revenue at the expense of computer users. If your Web browser is presenting symptoms linked to Sweet-page.com such as unwanted pop-ups or redirects, this indicates the presence of a PUP that should be removed at once. Although most PUPs may be uninstalled without the aid of a security program, it is very likely that your Web browser was exposed to more unsafe content due to symptoms linked to Sweet-page.com. It is also very common for PUPs to leave traces behind, such as stray files or unwanted changes to your Web browser settings. Because of this, security researchers prescribe the use of a well-founded security application to scan the affected computer and remove all traces of the PUP in question. Failure to do this may result in unwanted error messages, erratic behavior and the return of a PUP that was uninstalled incorrectly.

There’s Nothing Sweet on Sweet-page.com

The following issues may be in association with Sweet-page.com:

  • PUPs associated with Sweet-page.com may take over the affected Web browser, causing Web browser redirects to the Sweet-page.com website. Sweet-page.com redirects are used to promote this website, increasing its page ranking and traffic.
  • PUPs associated with Sweet-page.com may display numerous advertisements on the affected Web browser. These advertisements may be delivered by Sweet-page.com itself, and indicate that they are part of this advertisement platform. These PUPs may replace the advertisements on websites viewed on the affected Web browser with Sweet-page.com advertisements.
  • Computer users have reported that these PUPs change the affected Web browser's homepage and other settings to Sweet-page.com.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Sweet-page.com

File System Details

Sweet-page.com may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. vit_sweet-page.exe 80fbaf3e1e0e20601d009a22b7a3755c 4
2. lly_sweet-page.exe 1b224354a9f26586f7c34dec6648bdfc 1
3. lly_sweet-page.exe 0bf8b284d3c26ff37e133d854de0ac1e 1

Registry Details

Sweet-page.com may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
File name without path
Regexp file mask
%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\browser\searchplugins\sweet-page.xml
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\browser\searchplugins\sweet-page.xml
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\sweet-page.com
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\www.sweet-page.com
sweet-page Browser newtab extension
sweet-page uninstall
sweet-page uninstaller


Sweet-page.com may create the following directory or directories:



Sweet-page.com may call the following URLs:



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