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By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

At first glance, is a portal dedicated to gaming that features review, download links and news related to titles like Free Solitaire 3D, Monopoly INT, Fibzilla and WWII Tank Commander. Some of the games at are popular among users on Facebook judging by the ratings on the site and you may like what has to offer in terms of gaming. However, is related to computer assistance hoaxes, and you may wonder why a gaming site is named something like

Security investigators found out that a page hosted on is rigged with a JavaScript that presents users with phishing messages. The page on features a peculiar background that is a screenshot of loaded in Google Chrome. That is a weak attempt at fooling users into thinking that they have opened the legitimate support page of Microsoft for Windows users. The screenshot on is an image that is modified to include the phone number 877-769-4179, which is not operated by Microsoft. The phishing messages associated with can be seen on Support-online-pc(dot)site/error-code-EWRJIOSR?s1=1337521. The pop-up notification hosted on is presented to the user as 'Error # SL9DW61' alert and reads:

Error # SL9DW61
Please call us immediately at 1-877-769-4179 Do not ignore this critical alert. If you close this page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network.
Your computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a virus and spyware. The following information is being stolen...
> Facebook Login
> Credit Card Details
> Email Account Login
> Photos stored on this computer
You must contact us immediately so that our engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone. Please call us within the next 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled.
Toll Free: 1-877-769-4179'

We have seen the same error message posted on and several other domains. The portal is hosted on the IP address and several leading cyber security companies deem as unsafe. Experts recommend users scan their PCs with a reliable anti-malware utility that can remove software associated with and block suspicious connections. Web filters and AV vendors may display alerts when you try to open and mention the following tags:

  • HTML.Trojan-Stealer.Phish.AR
  • HTML/Phish-SiteFraud
  • HTML/Phishing.Gen
  • JS.LockPage.21
  • Js.Phish.Gen!c
  • Mal/Phish-A
  • PWS:HTML/Phish.HM
  • Rogue:JS/TechBrolo.A


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