StreamBrosSearch is a browser hijacker that installs on target computers as an unwanted browser extension. The primary goal of this Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) is to change the user's homepage and default search engine to and redirect all user search queries to third-party websites and other sponsored content. In the end, StreamBrosSearch displays search results from because its own search engine is fake and cannot generate any unique search results.

Potentially unsafe tools like StreamBrosSearch usually sneak into PCs when users click on random advertisements, banners, or other compromised pop-ups showing up on their screen while surfing the Internet. Another common way of distribution is to bundle them with software that users download and install through the basic installation option, which does not list all components included in the package. To keep away from that, always opt for the custom installation method and untick any unfamiliar tools that you do not wish to install.

StreamBrosSearch can be removed manually from the affected browser's settings.


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