StreamBeeSearch is a browser hijacker that users install on their computers unknowingly. Malware creators typically bundle such useless and harmful tools within the installation package of another program offered for free and that users download and install willingly. Due to its stealthy way of distribution, StreamBeeSearch is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP).

The main goal of StreamBeeSearch is to redirect users through its own fake search engine to suspicious pages and other sponsored third-party content on the Internet, thus generating artificial traffic and substantial revenues for its creators. To achieve this, once StreamBeeSearch lands on a device, it modifies the installed browser settings. Namely, it replaces the user's preferred homepage, new tab URL, and default search engine with automatically. As a result, victims are forced to open an unsafe website whenever they launch their browser.

In line with the potentially harmful redirects, StreamBeeSearch also can display unwanted advertisements straight to the user's PC. Another unsafe feature of this PUP that could lead to severe privacy issues is the ability to collect browsing-related data, like IP addresses, visited pages and search queries. Therefore, StreamBeeSeach should be removed from the affected browser immediately.


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