By ESGI Advisor in Browser Hijackers is a website associated with a Potentially Unwanted Program. Security analysts have received reports of various unwanted behaviors associated with on computers that have incurred a PUP infection. Typically, an affected Web browser may direct computer users to the website repeatedly and display advertising material linked to this URL. Computer users have also reported that PUPs associated with may make unauthorized changes to the affected Web browser's settings, changing its homepage and default search engine to If you are experiencing symptoms associated with on your Web browser, it may be an indication that a PUP is installed on your Web browser which should be removed immediately to restore your Web browser's behavior to normal.

You Can Install Mistakenly Thinking that It Will Be Helpful

PUPs linked to may take the form of Web browser toolbars. These types of PUPs may be bundled with freeware applications installed on the affected computer. When the computer user installs these freeware programs, a PUP associated with is also installed. It is very usual that there will be an uninstallation option for these types of components. However, computer users may overlook this option due to rushing through the installation process or not having a thorough understanding of what is actually used for. It is important to monitor the installation of new software and to opt out always of installing unwanted components to prevent PUPs such as those associated with

Uninstalling and Its Buddies

PUPs associated with may be uninstalled using normal software removal steps. However, some files or unwanted changes to your computer's settings may remain after they have been removed, causing additional problems or suspicious error messages. Because of this, malware researchers endorse the use of a valid anti-malware program to scan the affected computer after the PUP has been uninstalled.


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