is one of the countless similar websites that have been put on the Internet with the sole purpose of propagating a popular browser-based tactic. They all operate in a virtually identical way - by displaying various fake alert and error messages that have been designed to lure visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button. Doing so will subscribe the user to the push-notification services of the particular website giving it all the browser permissions to start delivering unwanted advertisements directly to the screen of the affected device.

By far, the most popular manipulative social-engineering tactic employed by this type of tactic websites is to pretend that they are conducting a captcha check for bots., however, has resorted to another method. The website prominently tells its visitors that an unspecified file is now ready for download. The implication is that to do so, users will first have to click 'Allow.' The exact message is:

' wants to Show notifications

Your file is ready for download'

The intrusive advertisements generated by could start to interfere with the normal use of the affected device. Although, by itself, is only capable of being extremely annoying, it is still recommended to deal with its tactic activity as soon as possible. The reason for it is that clicking on any of the delivered advertisements could take the user to suspicious or outright compromised third-party sites. There, visitors could be subjected to offers for barely-functional Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or even fake software updates carrying malware threats.


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