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StartNow toolbar Description

StartNow Toolbar toolbar is usually installed with the computer user's permission, often bundled along with a freeware application of some kind of through social engineering attacks. Security researchers consider that the StartNow Toolbar and its associated website have an extremely poor track record ensuring that your PC is safe from malware.

The StartNow Toolbar has also been linked to the Google Redirect Virus, an annoying browser hijacker that changes the results on online searches. If you wish to remove StartNow Toolbar, you have the option to remove it with a reliable anti-malware program and run a complete scan of your machine to ensure that StartNow Toolbar's components are no longer on your computer system.

Why You Should Be Wary of the StartNow Toolbar

The StartNow Toolbar claims that StartNow Toolbar can help you access various search engines as well as carry out effective searches directly from the toolbar. However, StartNow Toolbar is actually linked to a series of websites that operate under affiliate marketing models, designed for little more than displaying advertisements. Often masquerading as browser plug-ins, variants of the StartNow Toolbar have been active for several years and are often classified as Adware infections.

Criminals have taken care to ensure that the StartNow Toolbar, also marketed as the StartNow 'Hyperbar' has the appearance of a helpful browser plug-in. The StartNow Toolbar will attempt to force the victim's web browser to visit and other similar websites repeatedly against the victim's authorization. After clicking on a link, you may also observe in your web address bar the URL '', indicating that criminals are routing your traffic through their own websites in order to profit from advertising revenue.

Dealing with the StartNow Toolbar

Browser hijacks are highly likely to expose your computer to various websites containing malware or other kinds of online scams. Often, trying to remove the StartNow Toolbar manually will not be effective, as StartNow Toolbar may reinstall itself if some of its components remain. Because of this, our malware analysts recommend starting up in Safe Mode and, without opening your web browser (in order to prevent the plug-in from loading) remove StartNow Toolbar with a reliable anti-malware tool.

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