'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome Extension

'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome Extension Description

The 'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome extension by boac.me is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Computer security analysts note that the 'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome extension may inject ads on the pages you load and send your browsing history to marketers without your consent. The 'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome extension is known to request access to all data exchanged online, as well as make a record of your installed extensions, themes and Web apps. That information is valuable to marketers who are looking to improve their product positioning and increase profits. The 'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome extension by boac.me is described on the Chrome Web Store — chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/star-shaped-pies/hofflgideggmbkicgkniefmmhkhelefj as:

'This tasty and beautiful dish is guaranteed to be the star of the party.
Everyone likes sweet pies. This tasty and beautiful dish is guaranteed to be the star of the party.'

It is not likely that the marketing pitch above would attract the attention of educated Web users. Installing the app is manifested as an icon in the navigation panel, which looks like the tip of a pencil colored in dirty white. The figure may be hard to distinguish on the navigation panel if you are using the default theme in Google Chrome. Clicks on the 'Star Shaped Pies' icon do not open a drop-down menu or trigger visible action in the browser. However, a look at the code of 'Star Shaped Pies' revealed that the app exchanges data with remote servers known to be controlled by ad networks. Additionally, we have received reports that the 'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome Extension by boac.me is seen on the 'Add Extension To Leave' Pop-Ups. The 'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome extension behaves very similarly to the products deployed via the Chrome-38.site platform. PC users may notice pop-up windows by 'Star Shaped Pies' that carry titles like 'Powered by Star Shaped Pies.' You can remove the 'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome extension and associated tracking cookies with the help of a trustworthy anti-malware utility. The report of the 'Star Shaped Pies' Chrome extension helped cybersecurity researchers find similar apps that are known under the following names:

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  • "Croissant French Toast" Chrome Extension by ywis[.]me
  • "Desert Style Basket" Chrome Extension by hond[.]me
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