Spyware.SCN-ToolBar Description

Spyware.SCN-ToolBar is a malicious browser add-on associated with adware and ZeroAccess rootkit infections. Malware analysts have ranked Spyware.SCN-ToolBar as one of the top most widespread malware infection of 2012. While other malware threats, such as DNS Changer variants, are still among the most important malware threats today, malicious browser add-ons like Spyware.SCN-ToolBar have been gaining ground. This may, in part, be due to an increased use of freeware applications, many of which require the installation of third-party toolbars such as Spyware.SCN-ToolBar's SCN-Toolbar as part of the installation process. Spyware.SCN-ToolBar and its associated toolbar have components that carry out malicious operations on the infected computer. Removing Spyware.SCN-ToolBar is also more difficult than normal, since this toolbar gives the computer user no way of removing Spyware.SCN-ToolBar completely. Spyware.SCN-ToolBar and the SCN-Toolbar should be removed with the help of an anti-malware program that is up-to-date.

The Spyware.SCN-ToolBar and the SCN-Toolbar

Spyware.SCN-ToolBar is classified as spyware, a kind of malware infection that spies on your online activity in order to relay sensitive data to a third party. Unlike most dangerous spy Trojans, Spyware.SCN-ToolBar is not designed to steal online passwords or other extremely sensitive information. Rather, Spyware.SCN-ToolBar keeps track of the websites you visit and your online activity. This information may be used to target victims with adware (malware designed to deliver advertisements) or sell this information to unscrupulous marketers. Spyware.SCN-ToolBar is promoted as a Browser Helper Object (BHO) for Internet Explorer, although Spyware.SCN-ToolBar can also be installed as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. ESG malware analysts have found links between Spyware.SCN-ToolBar and various adware threats.

Symptoms of a Spyware.SCN-ToolBar-Related Browser Hijacker

Computer users have reported being directed to low-level search engines and other suspicious websites after installing the SCN-Toolbar. Spyware.SCN-ToolBar will also change the infected computer's web browser's homepage to the SCN main website. The presence of Spyware.SCN-ToolBar on a computer also compromises its security and puts the infected computer at risk for additional malware infections. Because of this, removal of Spyware.SCN-ToolBar and similar malicious toolbars should be a priority. Freeware applications that require the computer user to install the SCN toolbar should also be avoided since there are almost always numerous freeware alternatives that do not require the installation of malicious software.

Technical Information

Registry Details

Spyware.SCN-ToolBar creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\{96bbdfe1-2951-4f81-811e-31df6436a329}

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