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SpotifyxBiden Ransomware

Researchers have identified a new cyber threat known as the SpotifyxBiden Ransomware. This threatening program is precisely engineered to carry out data encryption and subsequently demand a payment from victims to be provided with the decryption key.

In the course of testing, the ransomware demonstrated its characteristic behavior by appending the '.spotifyxbiden' extension to the filenames of encrypted files. For instance, an original file named '1.jpg' would be transformed into '1.jpg.spotifyxbiden' following encryption, while '2.png' would become '2.png.spotifyxbiden,' and so forth.

Once the encryption process had been completed, SpotifyxBiden proceeded to alter the desktop wallpaper and deliver a ransom note labeled 'read_it.txt,' in which the perpetrators demanded payment to provide the decryption solution. The SpotifyxBiden Ransomware has been found to be derived from the Chaos Ransomware.

The SpotifyxBiden Ransomware Extorts Affected Users for Money

The ransom note of the SpotifyxBiden Ransomware states that the victim's files have been subjected to encryption, rendering them inaccessible. To regain access to their locked data, victims are instructed to make a payment of 150 EUR, specifically in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is crucial to note that there is a strict time limit imposed for compliance with this demand. If the victim fails to make the payment within four days, the ransom amount will double, increasing to 300 EUR. The final deadline given for compliance is set at eight days, and once this deadline passes, the possibility of data recovery becomes virtually non-existent.

It is important to understand that decrypting the files without the intervention of the attackers is exceedingly rare. The only exceptions to this rule involve ransomware with significant vulnerabilities or weaknesses in its encryption methods.

Regrettably, in many instances, victims who do comply with the ransom demands do not receive the promised decryption keys or tools from the perpetrators. This lack of follow-through on the attackers' part raises significant doubts about the effectiveness of paying the ransom. It's crucial to emphasize that data recovery is far from guaranteed, and, moreover, paying the ransom serves to perpetuate and support criminal activities.

Taking action to remove the SpotifyxBiden ransomware from the affected operating system is a vital step in preventing further encryption of files and the potential for additional damage. However, it's essential to understand that removing the ransomware will not automatically restore files that have already been compromised and encrypted.

Make Sure That Your Data and Devices are Sufficiently Protected

Some effective and easy-to-implement measures users can take to protect their devices and data from ransomware threats include:

  • Regularly Backup Data: Implement a robust backup strategy by regularly backing up your data to offline or cloud-based storage. Ensure backups are automated and scheduled at regular intervals. Store backups offline or in a separate network location to prevent ransomware from encrypting them.
  •  Keep Software Updated: Keep your operating system, software applications, and anti-malware programs updated to patch vulnerabilities that ransomware can exploit. Enable automatic updates whenever possible to stay protected against the latest threats.
  •  Exercise Caution with Email and Links: Be extremely cautious when handling email attachments or clicking on links, especially if the source is unfamiliar. Verify the legitimacy of email senders and don't accept any attachments or click on links from unknown or suspicious sources.
  •  Install Reliable Security Software: Install reputable anti-malware software on your devices and keep them up to date. These applications can detect and block ransomware before it can execute. Think about using additional security measures such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
  •  Use Strong, Unique Passwords: Create strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts and utilize a password manager to save and manage them securely 
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) wherever possible to include an additional layer of security to your accounts.
  •  Educate Yourself and Practice Safe Browsing: Stay informed about the latest ransomware threats and cybersecurity best practices. Train yourself and your family or employees to recognize phishing attempts and suspicious online behavior. Avoid downloading files or software from untrustworthy websites, and only install applications from reputable sources like official app stores.

In the current cyber landscape, it is paramount to take proactive actions to minimize the chances of becoming a victim of malware threats. Any infection could have severe consequences ranging from data theft to financial losses and more.

The full ransom note generated by the SpotifyxBiden Ransomware reads:

'Don't worry, you can return all your files!

All your files like documents, photos, databases and other important are encrypted

You must follow these steps To decrypt your files :

Write us on tox tox id:866C53917E1D267415A5B6B9A9D9B6F07C7F0429787ADFD0904F8782AD
You can download tox here: hxxps://

You have to pay 150 euros for decryption in Bitcoins.
After payment we will send you the tool that will decrypt all your files.

our Bitcoin address:19DpJAWr6NCVT2oAnWieozQPsRK7Bj83r4

Contact us on tox first before paying and send a screenshot of the payment

you have 4 days to make payment after 4 days the price will go from 150euros to 300 euros and after 8 days we wil not recoffer your files again'


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