Speedy Media Converter

Speedy Media Converter Description

Speedy Media Converter is a piece of software that our security experts classify as a potentially unwanted program that may display intrusive advertisements in your web browser. The Speedy Media Converter application may be installed on your computer without your knowledge, since its main method of propagation involves the use of software bundles. If you notice Speedy Media Converter on your computer, and you don't recall installing this software on purpose, then its removal is strongly recommended. The Speedy Media Converter app isn't dangerous, but its ability to track your Internet activity as well as inject ads in your web browser should be good enough reasons to remove it from your computer.

Apart from the annoying ads that may accompany Speedy Media Converter's installation, there aren't many negative things to say about this software. It allows users to convert audio and video files from one format to another, and our analysis shows that Speedy Media Convert does, in fact, work as expected. Regardless of this fact, there is more than one questionable thing about this software, so we'd advise users to consider looking for an alternative to Speedy Media Converter. Since this app can work as adware, it may display annoying ads in your web browser, and the only way to stop this is to remove the Speedy Media Converter software. This potentially unwanted program may be removed either manually or with the assistance of a reliable anti-malware solution. We recommend the latter technique as it is more likely to remove all of Speedy Media Converter's components.