Threat Database Browser Hijackers is a redirect-gateway that is reported to promote riskware, adware, and free program bundles that include questionable browser extensions. The gateway is reported to load by default when the users bring up their Web browser. The address may be listed as a command line attribute in the shortcut file you use to load Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, SRWare Iron and SeaMonkey. A browser hijacker might have compromised the PC users that are presented with There are users reports suggesting that may use screenshots of the default start page in Google Chrome and pretend to be an official page by Google Inc. Accessing may result in full-page notifications that read:

'Click 'Allow' to Download

We advise against downloading programs and surveys from The domain pulls resources from the IP address that has been associated with URLs to potential malware droppers and click-bait. The same IP address has been used to show fake friend suggestions and invitations to the users that have accounts on Facebook and Instagram. The may be used to lure Web users who are logged into their social media account currently to follow questionable pages and approve in-browser notifications that may lead to installing adware. It is recommended that you have up-to-date security software running on your system and remove software that might load content from in your browser.


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