By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

Speedial.com is a questionable website that may be connected with by browser hijackers and adware. Security infections linked to Speedial.com may compromise the Web browser and result in annoying browser diversions to unknown websites including Speedial.com that may be generated for commercial purposes. Suspicious websites such as Speedial.com may show a variety of pop-up ads and notifications on the computer system. Browser hijackers and adware associated with Speedial.com may insert the associated toolbar, plug-in, add-on, or browser extension on the Web browser without the computer user's approval. Security threats pertaining to Speedial.com may alter the default start page or search engine with Speedial.com, or open Speedial.com in a new tab window on the Web browser. Adware and browser hijackers linked to Speedial.com may also substitute search results in any genuine search provider and continuously redirect PC users to Speedial.com.


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