The search.ssoextension.com address is a deceptive search engine that is promoted through an application called SpecialSearchOption or SSOption. The developers of this application claim that it enhances the browsing experience, but in reality, it is classified as a potentially unwanted program or PUP, specifically a browser hijacker.

SpecialSearchOption Takes Over Essential Browser Settings

A browser hijacker is a type of software that modifies the settings of a web browser without the user's permission. In the case of SpecialSearchOption, it modifies the default search engine, new tab page, and homepage to search.ssoextension.com. This search engine may appear legitimate, but it does not provide reliable search results, and it may display sponsored or malicious content instead.

Furthermore, SpecialSearchOption may record users' browsing-related information, such as their search queries, visited websites, and IP addresses. This data is then shared with third-party advertisers to display targeted ads or even sold to cybercriminals for malicious purposes.

In summary, SpecialSearchOption and the associated search engine search.ssoextension.com are potentially harmful to users' privacy and security. It is recommended to remove this application from the computer and restore the browser settings to their default state. Additionally, users should be cautious when installing new software and always choose the custom installation option to avoid installing unwanted programs.

Users Rarely Install PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) Like SpecialSearchOption Intentionally

PUPs use various tactics to conceal their installation from users' attention. One of the most common techniques is bundling, which involves including the PUPs with other software that users want to download or install. This method is often used to distribute PUPs, as users may not realize that they are installing additional programs along with the desired software.

Another tactic used by PUPs is misleading installation processes. PUPs may use deceptive language or design elements to make it seem like the user is installing a legitimate software program or update. This can lead to users unknowingly installing PUPs on their devices.

Social engineering is also commonly used by PUPs to trick users into installing them. PUPs may claim to offer valuable features or benefits, or they may use fear tactics to convince users to download and install the program.

Overall, PUPs use a combination of deceptive tactics and technical methods to hide their installation from users' attention and gain access to their devices.


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