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Sorano Stealer

Malware researchers have spotted a new info stealer being marketed on underground markets online. This new threat has been dubbed the Sorano Stealer. After studying this threat, experts have concluded that this is likely the creation of a developer from the Russian Federation. The creators of the Sorano Stealer have put a fair bit of effort into marketing this threat. The advertisements promoting the Sorano Stealer appear to be very well designed and rather detailed. Furthermore, the source code of the Sorano Stealer has also been uploaded to GitHub. This means that cyber crooks who are more skilled can get a hold of Sorano Stealer's code and modify it to their liking.


After analyzing the threat deeper, researchers uncovered that the authors of the Sorano Stealer are utilizing the Telegram API (a popular Russian instant messaging application) to transfer data from compromised systems to the servers of the attackers. When it comes to the data that the Sorano Stealer is after, it is not too different from most threats of this type. The Sorano Stealer is able to:

  • Collect sessions from Discord, Steam and Telegram.
  • Take screencaps of the user's desktop.
  • Execute without super-user privileges.
  • Gather data from auto-fill forms from popular Web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex, Opera, Torch, etc.
  • Hijack documents from the user's desktop.
  • Generate a payload that is smaller than 250KB.

Despite the fact that the Sorano Stealer's source code is available on GitHub readily, some cybercriminals still opt to pay the creators to get a hold of the info stealer as the price is rather low. The reason behind this may be that the publicly available version is likely to be outdated.

Malware-as-a-service is a very common practice in the world of cybercrime. Some cyber crooks prefer to buy a readily available threat like the Sorano Stealer either because it is faster than building their own hacking tools, or because they are not skilled enough to develop a threat like this from scratch. Make sure you have downloaded and installed a reputable anti-malware application that will keep your system secure from threats like the Sorano Stealer.


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