Social Privacy DNS

Social Privacy DNS is a Web browser add-on that is marketed as a way to protect your privacy while browsing the Web. Unfortunately, Social Privacy DNS does the opposite of what Social Privacy DNS claims, actually exposing your Web browser to harmful online content and potentially endangering your privacy by exposing you to services that may try to log your online activities and computer settings. Computer users should avoid installing Social Privacy DNS due to the fact that Social Privacy DNS is regarded as a Potentially Unwanted Program. PUPs like Social Privacy DNS may cause threat-like symptoms on affected Web browsers while not being as destructive or harmful in the long term as threats. If Social Privacy DNS is installed on your computers, security researchers strongly recommend removing Social Privacy DNS immediately and to use a reliable security program to scan the affected computer and remove any potentially unsafe components.

The Null Privacy Offered by Social Privacy DNS

There are numerous issues related to Social Privacy DNS that may expose your computer to unsafe online content. Problems associated with Social Privacy DNS may include the following:

  • Social Privacy DNS is closely related to the search engine, a low quality search engine that is used to carry out harmful actions and expose computer users to advertising and affiliate marketing links. One particularly worrying problem about this low quality search engine is that Social Privacy DNS may track your online activity, trying to gather data from your Web browser that may then be used for marketing plans. This clearly frustrates the purpose of what Social Privacy DNS claims Social Privacy DNS can do.
  • Social Privacy DNS has browser hijacking capabilities, taking over the affected Web browser and forcing it to visit certain websites repeatedly. Social Privacy DNS redirects may expose your Web browser to unsafe online content.
  • Social Privacy DNS may cause system performance issues and may cause the affected Web browser to freeze or crash at frequent intervals.


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