Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 638
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 29,461
First Seen: February 21, 2013
Last Seen: September 21, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The website tries to attract visitors by offering them the ability to watch movies online for free. This 'service,' however, is provided illegally and is not the primary purpose of the site. Instead, employs rogue advertising networks to open unwanted advertisements, as well as promoting dubious third-party websites generating revenue in the process.

Visitors of the website are exposed to significant privacy issues. Infosec researchers have observed leading users to a deceitful website at, which in turn further redirects users to additional fraudulent websites. By employing manipulative social-engineering tactics, these sites trick users into subscribing to their notification services. Visitors who fall for the tactic will then be subjected to a constant stream of unsolicited advertisements that will be delivered to the affected device directly.

In addition, also could redirect users to a suspicious landing page that offers users the ability to download an application named Spinyon. Spinyon has been classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) due to the deceptive marketing tactics its uses for distribution, but more importantly, it has been discovered to be nothing more than a browser hijacker. Users who install it on their devices will notice that certain browser settings are no longer under their control immediately. Instead, the Spinyon application will have set the specific setting to open a promoted address, most likely a fake search engine. Most browser hijackers also possess a certain level of data-collecting capabilities.

Since soap2day is associated with multiple unwanted applications, it is not surprising that the site reemerges at the top of our trends lists from time to time. The latest spike in user interest in soap2day could be attributed to several issues. First, the streaming platform was recently banned by Google. It isn’t much of a surprise considering that offered copyrighted content for free, and the actions against the site would have started sooner or later. However, if users still use other means to reach the domain, they could still be exposed to multiple types of corrupted content.

Please note that isn’t the only domain address that can be used to access the page. Depending on your location, you may also know this page as,,, and others. With the current pandemic forcing millions of people to stay home, it is only natural that the traffic for such platforms has grown, as people are looking for ways to spend time. However, once again, we would like to reiterate that using such pages is not safe. In the most extreme cases, it is also possible to get infected with malware or become a defendant in a copyright lawsuit.

It is natural that users want a platform where they could watch the shows and movies they want for free. After all, if they can access some content for free, why would anyone pay for a subscription on a legitimate platform? But the thing that users often fail to realize is that and many other similar platforms are too dangerous to use. And it’s not just because they are illegal (which should stop you from accessing them in the first place).

The point is that in order to provide everyone with this free content, endorses a lot of third-party content and third-party apps. This is where all those apps and domains we mentioned above come into the picture. The platform needs to cover its hosting fees somehow, and so it indulges in third-party advertising. Usually, anyone could avoid unwanted ads if they don’t click on anything at random. However, with, the outgoing links and ads could be embedded anywhere.

For instance, it is possible to launch a new pop-up just by clicking the play button on a content video you want to play. And if you do not close the pop-up immediately or if you fumble with the notifications that appear on your screen, you could accidentally change your browser’s settings. This would allow third-party affiliates to track your browsing history and to display more commercial ads each time you browse the web.

Such activity puts strain on your browser and slows it down. Also, the more data these components collect about you, the more random pop-ups ads you might encounter. And even if you do not click on those ads, they are still excruciatingly annoying, and they interfere with your web browsing experience.

All in all, the first step you have to take in order to protect yourself and your system from malicious exploitation is closing the page. If you accessed the platform willingly, consider using legitimate streaming sites instead. If you were redirected there accidentally, close the page right now and scan your computer with an anti-malware tool. You should also reset your browser in order to delete all the tracking cookies and other data collected by the components. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.

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