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The Smart Package Tracker software from is promoted as a tool that allows you to track shipments and parcels from your new tab page. The Smart Package Tracker software is available to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users. The version for Firefox can be downloaded and installed from directly. However, Web surfers may be confused as to which version of Smart Package Tracker they should install on Chrome. There are two versions of Smart Package Tracker for Chrome that you can find on the Chrome Web Store:

  • Smart Package Tracker listed under 'Productivity' and published by —
  • Smart Package Tracker listed under 'Productivity' and published by —

The presence of both versions suggests that the program is not distributed through a unified model. Many installations of Smart Package Tracker are reported to come from free software bundles while other users were advertised online and then they were redirected to the Chrome Web Store. The Smart Package Tracker application is not endorsed by package delivery services that have official tracking services available for the users. Moreover, the Smart Package Tracker application is configured to detect the unique tracker ID you submit to its search service and redirect you to the appropriate official tracker page. The Smart Package Tracker software requires the following privileges to work correctly:

Permissions in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Access your data on all websites.
  • Access browser tabs.

Permissions in Google Chrome:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.
  • Replace the page you see when opening a new tab.

You should be careful when finishing the installation of Smart Package Tracker since the application developers are using "Continue" pages and trick users into installing side offers like 'Search Secure Pro' from The Smart Package Tracker application changes your default new tab to, and may ask you to change your default search to too. The Smart Package Tracker new Tab page is designed to redirect users to package delivery services and load search results by redirecting the users to a customized version of Yahoo. Searching with the Smart Package Tracker leads Web surfers to the following URL:¶m1=dGFnWDEwNDI1MDctcGFja2FnZXRyYWNrZXIscGFja2FnZXRyYWNrZXIsb1k2dUJqOWx1bk1kWnBKaywsLA&p={searchTerms}

You should note that the Smart Package Tracker software is produced by a marketing company called Webalytics Media (, which does not seem to comply with the GDPR regulations. The EULA can be found at, and the Privacy Policy can be found at You may notice that the company does not reveal its advertising partners and who has access to the tracking data collected through Smart Package Tracker on your Internet activities. The only paragraph referencing the information collected about you reads:

'We may share your information, including your Personal Information, with our Commercial Partners in furtherance of our provision of Services to you, including our services, advertising, and content partners (collectively, "Commercial Partners") or allow those Commercial Partners to gather information directly from you.'

The Smart Package Tracker from is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that seeks to change your new tab page, default search provider and install sponsored offers. You may wish to remove the Smart Package Tracker application and clean the associated tracking cookies from your Web browsing using a reliable anti-spyware tool.

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I want to get RID of Smart Package Tracker which I just got earlier today. It is standing between me and my browsers (I use Firefoz 98% of the time). Can you tell me how to uninstall it?


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