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Smart Keystroke Recorder

Smart Keystroke Recorder is a commercial computer surveillance program that monitors the user's keystrokes and is described as a keylogger. Smart Keystroke monitors and logs the user's keystrokes, online chat conversations, passwords, websites visited, email, credit card numbers and bank account information. Smart Keystroke Recorder must be manually installed and runs on every Windows startup and reboot.


6 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
Symantec Spyware.SmartKeylogger
Microsoft MonitoringTool:Win32/Smartkeystrokerecorder
Kaspersky not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.SmartKeyStroke.a
F-Secure Monitor.Win32.SmartKeyStroke.a
eWido Not-A-Virus.Monitor.Win32.SKRecorder.a
AVG Logger.ENN

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Smart Keystroke Recorder

File System Details

Smart Keystroke Recorder may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. sma.exe 3b8bfa42a65b5a344efd866a08373ffc 0


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