By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

PC security researchers have received complaints from computer users that are dealing with S.m2pub.com pop-ups and other symptoms associated with S.m2pub.com and its related Potentially Unwanted Programs. If your Web browser is displaying pop-up advertisements, bogus error messages and a variety of other symptoms connected to S.m2pub.com, this may be signaling the presence of a PUP on your Web browser which is better to be deleted instantly with an established security program. S.m2pub.com advertisements represent a threat because they may try to convince computer users to download and install Web browser toolbars, adware and a variety of other PUPs. S.m2pub.com advertisements may use social engineering techniques to trick computer users, using misleading techniques such as trying to induce inexperienced PC users to be convinced that their Web browser is under attack or out-of-date. The supposed update offered by the S.m2pub.com advertisement often turns out to be a bundle of PUPs or even more threatening components.

S.m2pub.com Tries to Convince PC User to Download Unsafe Content

There are numerous problems that have been associated with S.m2pub.com advertisements and similar low quality advertisement platforms linked to PUPs and adware. These issues include the following:

  • S.m2pub.com advertisements may appear frequently and at unpredictable intervals, interrupting the computer users' activities and preventing them from using the affected Web browser effectively. S.m2pub.com may also display messages in new Web browser tabs.
  • S.m2pub.com advertisements may promote known online deceiving tactics and attempt to convince computer users to install unwanted components on their computer.
  • PUPs and adware responsible for S.m2pub.com advertisements may create various symptoms, such as decreasing the affected computer's performance, causing Web browser redirects to S.m2pub.com or similar websites, changing the affected Web browser's default Web pages to S.m2pub.com or associated URLs and various other irritating symptoms.


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