It is likely that users who are looking for adult entertainment or another shady content online may come across the website. This bogus page may appear to host interesting content that the user may be searching for, to lure them into opening the site. However, rest assured that the site is not hosting any content worth viewing, as this is a mostly empty page that has one purpose only – to hijack your Web browser notifications.

The operators of the site generate revenue by flooding their visitors with unwanted advertisements via their Web browser. The trick is simple – the site will claim to host the content the users are looking for, but they will be asked to click on the ‘Allow’ button if they want to view it. However, if they comply with the instructions of the site and click on the button in question, they will allow the site to display notifications in their Web browser. This may not seem like the end of the world, but the advertisements generated by the site are likely to become quite a nuisance quickly. Even if you close your Web browser, you are still likely to continue receiving unwanted advertisements via your Web browser’s push notifications. This means that users who are playing a video game or simply watching a movie will still receive advertisements that may cause great irritation. Furthermore, the site is likely to promote untrustworthy services and products, so it is best to avoid engaging with the advertisements affiliated with this page.

To stop the ad spam initiated by the site, you should open your Web browser settings and revoke the permissions you have given to this dubious page.


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