SimplyGen Toolbar

SimplyGen Toolbar Description

The SimplyGen Toolbar is a low quality Web browser toolbar that is regarded as a PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program. The SimplyGen Toolbar is not a virus, despite the fact that the SimplyGen Toolbar is mistaken for one frequently. This is because the SimplyGen Toolbar causes many symptoms that are similar to other kind of threats, but is not as destructive and is much easier to remove. The SimplyGen Toolbar has characteristics of adware and browser hijackers because the SimplyGen Toolbar may take over a PC user's Web browser to force it to visit certain websites. Also, the fact that the SimplyGen Toolbar is specifically designed to make money at the expense of computer users by displaying numerous types of advertisements on affected Web browsers. In most cases, the SimplyGen Toolbar may be bundled with low quality shareware or freeware downloaded from websites that are improperly regulated. If you are noticing problems associated with the SimplyGen Toolbar, such as pop-up windows or browser redirects, the SimplyGen Toolbar should be uninstalled at once.

The Installation of the SimplyGen Toolbar is Very Subtle

Many security programs do not detect the SimplyGen Toolbar or fail to recognize the SimplyGen Toolbar as the SimplyGen Toolbar is being installed. One reason for this is that the SimplyGen Toolbar may sneak into your computer by being bundled with legitimate freeware. Computer users will usually have the option of opting out of installing the SimplyGen Toolbar, but may frequently overlook the option because the developers of the SimplyGen Toolbar make the option to opt out difficult to find. The SimplyGen Toolbar makes various changes to the affected Web browser, adding an intrusive toolbar, changing its default search engine and homepage and making various changes to the affected Web browser settings. When the affected Web browser runs, the SimplyGen Toolbar displays numerous pop-up windows and may cause problems like browser redirects or system performance issues.

Remove the SimplyGen Toolbar to Get Back Your Safe Browsing

The SimplyGen Toolbar can be removed using the Windows Control Panel. However, components associated with the SimplyGen Toolbar or bundled with this PUP may remain on the affected computer. Because of this, security researchers strongly recommend the use of a reliable security program that is fully up to date to scan the affected computer after the SimplyGen Toolbar has been uninstalled.

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