is an untrusty website that displays questionable content to its visitors or redirects them to other similar websites. People usually come to this page because their computers have been infected with some Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) stealthily, like an adware program or a browser hijacker. The purpose of PUPs is to generate intrusive pop-up messages containing links to pages like Some users also land on this page after clicking on a questionable banner or advertisement on sites related to this online tactic.

When someone visits, the page pretends to be loading some video content; however, it makes visitors believe they need to allow browser notifications from the website to view that video file. The following message is displayed:

' wants to Show notifications

Press Allow to watch the video'

Of course, clicking on the 'Allow' button only subscribes the user to's notifications. The advertisements and banners that this website will display on the user's computer subsequently can contain corrupted scripts or links.

PUAs usually spread through a method called 'bundling' – they are included within the installation package of freeware programs. In any case, such tools should not be tolerated on a computer as many of them also have features to collect user data, creating severe privacy issues for affected users.


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