Threat Database Browser Hijackers

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Computer users have reported irritating pop-up messages and advertisements associated with the URL. advertisements appear repeatedly on the affected Web browser, preventing computer users from using it effectively due to their constant interruptions and redirects. Content that causes redirects is usually installed in the form of a Web browser extension or toolbar which affects Web browsers on the Windows operating system. There have been noted pop-ups and redirects on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other Windows-based Web browsers. Typically, pop-ups and redirects indicate that a Potentially Unwanted Program is present on your computer. PUPs linked to pose a threat to your computer's security. Because of this, malware analysts strongly advise removing and avoiding any content associated with

Your Browsing will be Interrupted by' Advertisements

If your Web browser is presenting problems linked to, malware analysts recommend taking action to remove them immediately. To make it easier to computer users notice the symptoms that may be associated with, some of them are listed below:

  • PUPs linked to may change your Web browser's homepage, search engine and other default URLs to
  • One of the most irritating aspects of these types of infections is that they will cause your Web browser to display numerous pop-up windows linked to These constant interruptions involving pop-ups may make the affected Web browser nearly impossible to use.
  • Malware researchers have received reports that PUPs associated with have browser hijacking properties. This means that they may take over a Web browser and redirect it to certain websites repeatedly. In this case, PUPs associated with may lead the Web browser to and low quality websites associated with forcefully.
  • Content associated with may cause browser performance issues that may cause it to slow down or even crash frequently.


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