Threat Database Adware ShopingKicks


By LoneStar in Adware

ShopingKicks is considered to be adware that states to be able to save money on many products while computer users are visiting online shopping websites. ShopingKicks may show unwanted pop-up messages and ads on the desktop of the PC. ShopingKicks may attack all the well-known Web browsers involving Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer installed on the PC and display annoying pop-up advertisements on every website the PC user is visiting. The pop-up ads of ShopingKicks may be connected with the PC user's Internet surfing activities. ShopingKicks may substitute search results in any legitimate search service with sponsored links that may include a variety of pop-up advertisements offering numerous coupons, deals and discounts displayed with the goal to benefit from computer users. Search results changed and displayed by ShopingKicks in any major search provider may redirect PC users to unknown websites including


ShopingKicks may call the following URLs:


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