Threat Database Potentially Unwanted Programs 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner

'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner

The 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner is a program that is used for undeserved cryptocurrency mining. The program is reported to use 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' and 'MicrosoftShellHost.exe' for its operations. The 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner may be embedded into fake Adobe Flash, and Java updates to reach end users. The 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner is an extremely resource-hungry program that can slow down computers, increase electricity consumption and raise the temperature of your Central Processing Unit (CPU). All that leads to a decreased lifespan of your CPU and other computer components. The 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner is part of a wave of illegal CPU mining tools that was recorded at the end of October 2017.

The 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner is very similar in functionality to the 'NsCpuCNMiner32.exe' CPU Miner and the 'Svchost.exe.exe' CPU Miner that use file names associated with legitimate software to avoid triggering AV alarms. The 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' CPU Miner is designed to mine Monero coins and generate profit for whoever is behind the network of infected computers. Mining for a digital cryptocurrency "running a program on a computer, which verifies and processes the cryptocurrency transactions that other people announce to the worldwide network." as explained at Bitcoin is the dominant digital currency of 2017, but Monero is suspected to rise above it in 2018. Monero has a superior mining algorithm and lacks the privacy vulnerabilities of Bitcoin, which is said to be the reason why illicit mining software is distributed to users. Malware authors are likely to influence the rise of Monero as a dominant cryptocurrency given that it provides encrypted wallets that are not visible to the public and offer unrestrained transactions. PC users who experience a poor system performance and find 'ShellExperienceHost.exe' in the Task Manager may want to run a complete system scan with a reputable anti-malware solution.


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