The Seznam software is a package of browser extensions that were found to accompany a version of the reputable Media Player Classic-Home Cinema ( You may have used MPC-HC for playing movies and DVDs, and you might have noticed that the official installer for the media player does not include optional offers and bundled browser extensions. PC users download an altered version of the MPC-HC installer from a platform associated with The site mentioned before is a start page aimed at Czech-speaking Web users who might be interested in receiving news and search results from

The Seznam software is known to produce notifications from and redirect users to The Seznam package installs two extensions to Google Chrome that may appear as 'Seznam doplnek - Email' and 'Seznam doplnek - Esko.' The Seznam extensions require a broad spectrum of privileges that include access to site cookies; handling new tab commands; reading and changing the Internet history; copy and pasting content; detecting the user's physical location; managing installed apps; communication with cooperating applications. The activity of the Seznam software is not limited to the Web browser, and you may find a folder called '' under Roaming within the AppData system directory. Also, more files from the Seznam applications may be found in the MPC-HC folder. The Seznam software may be used to deliver promotional materials and targeted search results to PC users who have installed the modified copy of the MPC-HC installer mentioned above. The Seznam software is categorized as a package of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) that may add unwanted features to the Media Player Classic-Home Cinema player. The Seznam software may appear to hijack browser settings and force redirects to Removing the Seznam software and installing an official copy of MPC-HC may be what you want to do if you are not comfortable with content from flooding your Web browser.


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