Description is an advertisement platform that may be associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs programmed to bring computer users into contact with marketing material and known online tactics. It is important that computer users dealing with redirects and advertisements take steps to remove any PUPs installed on the affected computer. Although PUPs associated with are usually not threatening (such as Trojans, viruses or rootkits) they may seriously interfere with the affected computer and disrupt the computer users' activities. PUPs associated with may take the form of Web browser extensions, add-ons or plug-ins for the most popular Web browsers on the Windows operating system, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Computer users experiencing redirects and pop-up advertisements should take steps to remove any PUPs associated with at once.

Stopping the Exhibition of Unwanted Advertisements

PC security researchers have observed multiple symptoms associated with The following problems have been related to

  • PUPs associated with may cause browser redirects to this website. redirects may occur at any time, seriously disrupting the affected computer user's activities.
  • PUPs related to may cause the appearance of numerous advertisements on the affected computer which generates gain for its designers. PC security researchers have noted that there are several types of advertisements associated with, including banner advertisements, pop-up windows, video advertisements, sliding advertisements, in-text affiliate marketing links and a variety of other marketing materials.
  • PUPs associated with may cause issues with the system's performance. Such PUPs may be the source of Web browser freeze, crash or slow down frequently. They may also interfere with the affected Web browser's Internet connectivity, causing Web pages to take much longer than normal to load.