The domain is reported to reroute Web surfers to various forms of aggressive advertising. Also, whoever is behind the domain appears to employ pages that force the users to subscribe to promotional messages from questionable sources. User reports show that is used by advertising platforms to push video advertisements, banners, in-browser notifications, subscriptions for news from third-party sites, sponsored software, and software bundles with unofficial copies of the Adobe Flash player.

Web surfers who seem to look for free movies and music content are the ones that stumble upon in most cases. Advertisers may use the allure of pirated entertainment materials to trick the users into installing adware on their PCs, as well as force them to view lucrative commercials before they can access a free movie. Even if you jump through all hoops at, you are more than likely to end on a movie platform that requires you to commit to a paid subscription. Also, the applications you installed from may change your new tab page, default search provider and load hidden instances of your browser to click on advertisements in the background. The compromised users may notice high CPU usage and browser windows in the Task Manager that does not appear on the screen. It is recommended to remove the programs connected to using a trusted cybersecurity scanner and reset your Web browser.


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