'Sendnewupdates.net' Pop-Ups

'Sendnewupdates.net' Pop-Ups Description

Security researchers alert that the Sendnewupdates.net domain along with Theperfectupdate.org; Updaterequirednow.be; Updatecomputerfast.net; Instantcomputerupdate.be; Theupdateschecker.org and Installupdate.xyz can be seen with the prefix 'get24update' and is used by adware. The adware linked to the domains mentioned before is programmed to bring up a pop-up messages stating 'MEDIA PLAYER UPDATE RECCOMENDED' that direct users to download an executable file. Security researchers point out that you may have installed the adware linked to Sendnewupdates.net when you installed a freeware bundle with the 'Typical' or 'Express' option. The Get24update.Sendnewupdates.net pop-ups may have feature a banners saying that an additional plugin is required to play media on the page, but you should not trust it. The Get24update.Sendnewupdates.net pop-ups may direct you to install programs like Antivirii 2011 and Windows Problems Remover under the pretense of installing an update to an unspecified media player.Security researchers alert users that the aforementioned applications are classified as rogue security tools designed to scare users into purchasing unneeded premium licenses. Moreover, the Get24update.Sendnewupdates.net domain is blocked by many web filters and contains links to phishing pages that are created to steal user credentials for social media and online banking services. The IP address of the Get24update.Sendnewupdates.net domain is detected in communications of cyber threats like Virut and Scar, and you are not advised to download the software promoted on the Sendnewupdates.net pop-up windows. The Get24update.Sendnewupdates.net adware may have installed an executable DLL file in the hidden AppData folder to perform its activities, and you can use a trustworthy anti-malware application to clean your PC.

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