You might have stumbled upon the website if you were looking for illicit free streams or pages hosting other shady content whose operators have been paid to promote the dodgy site. The is a dubious Web page whose goal is to get the user to allow the site to send browser notifications. This is not to say that browser notifications are always a pest. Legitimate websites offer to send browser notifications that can be of great help to users. However, this is what happens with the Instead, this shady website will attempt to promote low-quality products and dodgy services, turning browser notifications into constant pop-up advertisements effectively, which will surely disrupt your browsing.

Uses Social Engineering Tricks

The site uses several social engineering tricks to get the user to allow them to display notifications. The page states that if the users are to view a certain article, which appears to be engaging, they will have to click the 'Allow' button they are presented with. Furthermore, the states that the person needs to click the 'Allow' button if they want to see a video hosted on the site or a photo gallery. If the users fall for this trickery and allow the to display notifications in their Web browser, their browsing quality will likely suffer greatly. This is because the operators of the are shameless in pushing their advertisements onto the user. Not only these advertisements will not be relevant, but they will likely promote dodgy content and services such as shady gambling platforms, bogus raffles, and dodgy adult entertainment sites.

The site cannot be classified as unsafe, but this is certainly not a high-quality, legitimate website either. If you are being spammed by notifications from the Web page, we would advise you to open your browser's settings and make sure to revoke all permissions, which have been given to this site.

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