SecuryBrowse for Chrome

The 'SecuryBrowse for Chrome' program can be downloaded from its official site at However, we discovered it has two identical versions on the Chrome Webstore that the users can find at and The 'SecuryBrowse for Chrome' program is promoted to improve online security and protect the users from phishing pages. The 'SecuryBrowse for Chrome' app integrates into the browser as a regular extension, and it is said to alert the users of unsafe sites and keywords on search services.

Many users may like to try out the 'SecuryBrowse for Chrome' application, and you should note that the program changes your default search provider to{searchTerms}, which then redirects you to a customized version of (Yahoo). Your search queries are monetized through the provision of targeted search results, and you may not be delivered the best satisfactory search results. Security tests included active harmful URLs from loaded in the latest Google Chrome build with the 'SecuryBrowse for Chrome' application installed and the network requests were not blocked as initially expected.

The 'SecuryBrowse for Chrome' program may be promoted as a security upgrade, but we can't recommend it. The 'SecuryBrowse for Chrome' from is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted program (PUP) that might not defend the users against known infection URLs and may lack regular updates. The focus of the tool seems to be the redirects to Yahoo and targeted advertisement. You may like to remove the 'SecuryBrowse for Chrome' application completely with the help of a trusted security solution.


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