Threat Database Adware

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The domain hosts a web page that uses an emblem similar to the icon of Windows Firewall and suggests users to call '1-855-565-3218' or '1-866-560-5093' to receive technical support for system problems. The domain is connected to adware that promotes the services of 'System Support IT' through continuous display of a pop-up window every time the user starts a web browser session. The adware behind the pop-up might have arrived in your PC along with a free application, and you might want to review recently installed freeware. Adware is typically created to promote services, online shops and products by persistent display of marketing materials, and the majority of computer users might not like that. The 'System Support IT' services on the domain might not be trustworthy as it is the case with companies affiliated with adware. You can resolve adware infections connected to by using a reputable anti-malware application.


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