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By LoneStar in Rogue Websites

The website hosts a dangerous rogue security program known as File Restore. This fake security application is similar to most rogue anti-virus and computer optimization programs. ESG security researchers have also observed browser hijackers directing computer users to the website and malicious components in this website attempting to instal File Restore on visitors' computers automatically (commonly referred to as a 'drive by download'). ESG security researchers consider that the website contains dangerous content that my put your computer at risk for malware and for known online scams. It is also important to act immediately if you suspect that your computer has been infected to malware associated with

Computer systems infected with malware linked to this dangerous website may experience various symptoms. The main symptom associated with and its contents consists of a browser hijacker infection that causes unwanted redirects to this website. These redirects can occur at random intervals and will cause the targeted computer to initiate a download of File Restore. These are caused by a threat known as a browser hijacker because of its ability to take over a web browser in order to coerce it to access a specific website against the PC user's will. Once File Restore is installed, the main symptoms associated with this rogue security program consist of irritating error messages and fake system alerts indicating that the victim's computer is severely infected with malware. These are part of's scam, a well known attack used to steal money from inexperienced computer users. is used to distribute and promote a known malware application known a File Restore. This fake system optimization program is used to scam its victims by inducing them to believe that their machines are severely infected with malware. Trying to use File Restore to fix these supposed problems will result in error messages claiming that a 'full version' of File Restore is needed to fix the infected computer. This full version requires a credit card payment, which allows criminals to steal your money and credit card information. Because of this, ESG security researchers consider that the website poses a severe risk both to your computer's security and to your privacy.


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