Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The website is a page that hosts a basic search engine. It would appear that the page is being promoted via a Web browser extension named ‘Trustnokogiri Search,’ or ‘Trustnokogiri New Tab.’

Web browser add-ons, like the ones associated with the site, are often listed as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). This is because their goal is to alter the user’s settings to set up an associated Web page as a default new tab page, in this case – the website. This way, the Web browser add-on helps the affiliated site generate traffic.

The search results delivered by the site may not be the organic results of your search query. Low-quality search engines like the site often prioritize sponsored content over the most relevant results of the search.

If you view the site every time you open a new tab page, you may have introduced a PUP on your system unknowingly. It is recommended to use a genuine anti-virus program to scan your computer – the security tool will help you locate and eliminate any PUPs that may be present.


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